Daily Devotions


Day 205

Psalm 108:2b "I will awaken the dawn."

Day 205 – Psalm 108

“I will awaken the dawn.” Psalm 108:2b


How many people wake up feeling tired? How many people can say they awaken the dawn as David expressed in this text?

“Awake, lute and harp!
I will awaken the dawn.”
Psalm 108:2

1. “Lute and harp”

a) These were musical instruments in the days of King David.
b) It is likely that he was able to play these instruments well.
c) They are personified in this text.
d) They would be his accompaniment as he sings praises to God.

2. “Awake”

a) He addresses the lute and the harp.
b) He wakes them up for he himself had already woken up.

3. “I will awaken the dawn”

a) Dawn had not yet broken.
b) David determined within himself that he would awaken the dawn.
c) He was up before dawn.
d) He would begin the day with singing of praises to God!

4. A very special heart

a) It would take a very steadfast heart to be able to do this consistently.
b) It would take a heart that is full of faith in God and full of love for Him.
c) It would take a heart that understands and appreciates just how much glory and honour God had given him (Psalm 21).
d) It would take a very joyful heart to be able to sing praises early in the morning.