For many of us, Sunday School is one of the very first places that we learn about Jesus and the Bible.

We believe that, even at a young age, children can be deeply impacted by good teaching from God’s word. That’s why we give a lot of attention to the Sunday School ministry at Bethany.

Each week, children can look forward to learning the Bible through a fun-filled time of activities and songs specially planned by our Sunday School teachers.

We all know how quickly children’s interests can change as they grow older. That’s why we have the Beginner and Junior Sunday Schools to cater to the learning needs of children of different ages. We hope that by keeping the children engaged in the lessons, we will be able to minister to them effectively.

  • Beginner Sunday School

    The Beginner Sunday School (BSS) is catered for children from play and nursery school to those in kindergarten.

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      • 8:30 am
      • Every Sunday
      • Age 6 & below
      • Auditorium 2-1
  • Junior Sunday School

    The Junior Sunday School (JSS) is for children between the ages of 7-12.

    We look forward to welcoming every child at JSS for a fun and enjoyable time discovering God’s Word!

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      • 8:30 pm
      • Every Sunday
      • JSS 1 - Age 6-9; JSS 2 - Age 10-12
      • JSS 1 → Audi 3-1 | JSS 2 → Audi 4-1