The Junior Sunday School (JSS) is for children aged 7-12 years old.

At JSS, we seek to help the children come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through teaching them basic Bible truths and good Christian conduct.  We also help children to learn to praise and worship God and to give cheerfully to God’s work.

There are two departments, namely JSSI (for children 7-9 years old) and JSSII (for children 10-12 years old). Children learn Bible lessons together with their friends in small classes, led by 1-2 Sunday school teachers.  Besides Bible stories that are shared with the children, they also get to interact with their teachers and friends through activities, games and quizzes.

We seek to create a fun and enjoyable environment and experience for the children as they learn God’s word in JSS.


  1. To help children come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. To teach children basic Bible truths
  3. To help children to praise and worship God
  4. To help children learn to give to the Lord
  5. To teach children good Christian conduct
  6. To be a friend to the children
  7. To cater to the needs of the children



Love and Regard for God’s House
Text: Mark 11:15-19; Matthew 21:12-14

Teacher Camille
Teacher Will
JSS Online 2022

26 Jun 2022