The Young People’s Group (YPG) in Bethany is a strong and vital wing of the Church. From its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago, we have seen how the Lord has blessed this ministry and has given the increase. Through the weekly meetings, it is our hope that souls can be won to the Lord, young lives can be discipled and be trained to serve the Lord. The YPG in 2017 has been divided into three groups.

1. YPG 1

Catering for teenagers aged 13-15 years old, the focus of the YPG 1 is centered on evangelism. The weekly messages will be taken from the Book of Luke, and our aim is to present the Gospel, along with lessons that can be applied to everyday life. As the youngest group within our Saturday Fellowship Group ministries, the YPG 1 seeks to lay foundations for the young people to build upon for the future.

2. YPG 2

The main book that YPG II will be studying is the first epistle of John. This group, catering to the 16– 18 years old, will be learning to defend their faith against falsehood and to find a faith that would continue in the Lord. As the secondary four students move on to Junior colleges and polytechnics, there will be greater exposure to worldly influence and false teachings. With a growing knowledge of the Lord’s word and a right application of faith to life, we pray that the young people would learn to be strong spiritually and be able to overcome the wiles of the evil one.

3. YPG 3

YPG III will be catering to young people who are 19 and above, up till the completion of their tertiary education. With the onslaught of worldly influences in this day and age, the focus of YPG III is to help the young people see the reality and relevance of their salvation in the Lord. The weekly messages will be drawn from the Book of Ephesians. YPG III seeks to ground the young people in the Scriptures, giving them a Word-centered approach to life and ministry as they prepare to enter the next stage of life as a working adult.

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