Senior Sunday School 3 was created for the ladies who work as domestic helpers for our church members.

They come mainly from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, and are aged between 25 and 49.

Senior Sunday School 3 has four main goals

  • Present the Gospel to the students
  • Teach them to love God’s Word
  • Teach them life’s practical lessons
  • Help them find their personal purpose in life

The class has grown as students brought more friends and relatives along. Now there are a total of 20 students enrolled with an average attendance of around 12 students each week.

The Pastoral team is closely involved in caring for the students, interacting and teaching them practical wisdom from the Word of God.

The weekly Bible lessons are taken from the Gospels. The students learn about the life of Jesus and His ministry to people who are in need of God’s love and salvation. Other class activities include Bible quizzes, games, memory verses, craftwork and discussion.



  • Teacher JOANNA YAM

  • Teacher YVONNE

  • Teacher LAY SEE


  • Finding comfort and joy in God

    by Joanna

    Thank God for the privilege I have had of serving in SSS3 for many years. I have built a good rapport with some of the class members.

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  • God’s grace for a tough life

    by Yvonne

    My prayer is that our students would learn to lean upon and trust our Heavenly Father, that they would not give up but would continue to walk in this …

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  • Reflections on the Lord of life and death

    by Lay See

    During my first 1½ years of teaching in SSS3, I have seen how four of our students experienced the deaths of their loved ones.

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  • Testimonies by students

    by Students

    Some of our students have been moved to share their experience at Sunday School.  

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