A team of 15 church members has committed itself to look after the preschool children. Each week 4-5 members are rotated on duty. Appropriate and fun activities (e.g. art & craft, water play, games carnival, theme-related activities, etc.) are planned to engage the children.

Our challenge is to enthuse and engage the children so that they would look forward to coming to crèche each Sunday. In keeping a watchful eye over the children with much love and care, our prayer is that parents would have the peace of heart and mind to study God’s Word and to worship the Lord.

Young artists at work

Preparing for some bowling!

Traditional childhood games

“Don’t shoot my marbles!”

Making some cotton sheep

Chinese New Year finger painting

“Remember to mix it well…”

Crafting a beautiful bookmark

Learning through videos

Our Teachers

  • Teacher KAREN

  • Teacher LI PIN

  • Teacher GAVIN

  • Teacher CELESTIN

  • Teacher SIEW CHIONG

  • Teacher JANEL

  • Teacher TITUS

  • Teacher GAN ANN

  • Teacher ZHUANG MAN

  • Teacher PUAY KHIM

  • Teacher ENG HWEE

  • Teacher SHIRLEY

  • Teacher HWEI LI

  • Teacher LI KUM

  • Teacher NANCY