The Youth Worship is specially catered for young people with thought-provoking messages and an emphasis on what worship truly is. Through Youth Worship, we seek to nurture in our young people a proper regard for God, a love for His Word and His people, and a faith that is real and relevant.

Latest Message

Youth Worship 23rd September 2023 : "Get away from me!"
Text: Exodus 10:21-29

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Focus on Faith

23 Sep 2023

Young People's Group

YPG is a place where young people first grow in faith and knowledge (YPG1) and then in skill and service to God (YPG2).

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Pulpit Theme for September-October 2023

“All Scripture is Given by Inspiration of God”

We begin our 51st year of ministry by studying the doctrine of the Word of God (Bibliology). A correct view of the Scriptures is of great significance. We study the Lord’s view of the Scriptures in September, and the Apostles’ teachings on the Scriptures in October. Join us on Sundays to learn more!