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Daily Devotionals

24 Sep 2019
"Surely I have become rich"
Text: Hosea 12:8

by Dr. Rev. Charles Tan

23 Jun 2019
"Like a stubborn calf"
Text: Hosea 4:16

by Dr. Rev. Charles Tan

10 Apr 2015
"So terrifying was the sight..."
Text: Hebrews 12:21

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan | Daily Devotions

Other Articles

03 Feb 2018
Problems that Hinder Us From Loving the LORD
Text: Deuteronomy 8-9

by Student-Pastor Benjamin Quah | Young People's Group

26 Sep 2017
On the Verge of Entering Canaan
Text: Deuteronomy 9

by Rev. Dr. Charles Tan

23 May 2013
YAG 17th Retreat: Session 1
Text: Psalm 119:11a

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan | YAG Retreat

22 Dec 2019
Text: Isaiah 46

by Charles Tan | Meditation