Daily Devotions


Day 150

Psalm 106:10a "He saved them..."

Day 150 – Psalm 106

“He saved them…” Psalm 106:10a


The children of Israel had been enslaved by Egypt for four hundred and thirty years (Exodus 12:41). When a nation has been enslaved for so many years, who would have imagined that it was possible to find freedom from oppression and slavery? It would take nothing less than God to deliver the children of Israel out of slavery!

“He saved them from the hand of him who hated them,
And redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.
The waters covered their enemies;
There was not one of them left.”
Psalm 106:10-11

1. “He saved them”

a) There is no mistaking that God was the One who saved the children of Israel.
b) Moses was only His servant.

2. “And redeemed them”

a) The word “redeemed” carried a deeper significance.
b) God’s intention was to establish a special relationship with His people.
i) He would be their Redeemer-God.
ii) The children of His people would belong to Him in a special way that only redemption can bring about.

3. “The enemy”

a) The Pharaoh had nothing but hatred for God, Moses and the children of Israel.
b) The nation of Egypt was a formidable enemy.

4. Defeating the enemy

a) God humbled Pharaoh with His power.
b) The mighty chariots of Egypt perished in the Red Sea.
c) The great name of God was firmly established before Egypt and Israel.