Daily Devotions


Day 60

"The work of Your fingers..."

Day 60 – Psalm 8

“The work of Your fingers…” Psalm 8:3b


David learned how to care for sheep as a young lad. As a shepherd he would have learned vital lessons about how to read the night skies! Habits formed from a young age tend to stay with you. David must have looked at the night skies on many occasions! The following text reflects what went on in his mind as he gazed at the celestial bodies!

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars, which You have ordained.”
Psalm 8:3

1. “When I consider Your heavens”

a) On a clear night, the heavens present an inspiring sight.
b) The first thought that came to David was that he was looking at “Your (God’s) heavens”.

2. “The work of Your fingers”

a) It takes a great God to design and to create the heavens.
b) How great is this God? David paid tribute to the Lord when He described the heavens as being made by “God’s fingers”! (The heavens are therefore small things to God)!
c) God has truly artistic fingers; they were also filled with power!

3. “The moon and the stars”

a) In the plains where David brought his sheep to graze he could well see the moon and the stars on clear nights.
b) The waxing and waning of the moon would also be clearly observable.
c) Ancient Israel made use of a “lunar calendar” .
d) David stood in awe of God as he pondered these creations.

4. “Which You have ordained”

a) The moon and stars were not put there without purpose!
b) David understood that God had ordained them to fulfill definite ordained purposes!
c) Pondering the creation of God led David to extol His name.