Daily Devotions


Day 209

Psalm 27:10 "The LORD will take care of me"

Day 209 – Psalm 27

“The LORD will take care of me” Psalm 27:10


As David pondered his reply to God, there came a wonderfully sweet assurance in his heart.

“When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the LORD will take care of me.”
Psalm 27:10

1. “Father… and mother”

a) David was commenting on the bond between parents and their offspring.
i) This bond is natural.
ii) This bond can be developed into a strong and deep relationship.
b) David was not complaining about his father and mother.
i) He was hypothesizing on the unlikely possibility of being forsaken by his parents.
ii) However, even if this unlikely possibility becomes a tragic reality he would not feel overwhelmed.

2. “Then the LORD will take care of me”

a) This was the sweet assurance that filled his heart with confidence.
b) He need not fear that God would ever forsake him.
c) He need not fear that God’s anger would alienate him.
d) He need not fear that he would be abandoned or forsaken by God at anytime!


God’s answer to David was simple and straightforward. All He said was “Seek My face” (Psalm 27:8a).

David knew what his part entailed:-

1. He would have to meditate on what God meant.

2. He must discover the truth that would bring about sweet assurance to his soul.

3. The path to such deep comprehension of God will come in quiet meditation.