Daily Devotions


Day 133

""For all His judgments were before me...""

Day 133 – Psalm 18

“For all His judgments were before me…” Psalm 18:22a


David’s thoughts about personal righteousness must be studied further. He went on to make the following comments.

“For all His judgments were before me,
And I did not put away His statutes from me.
I was also blameless before Him,
And I kept myself from my iniquity.
Therefore the Lord has recompensed me according to my righteousness,
According to the cleanness of my hands in His sight.”
Psalm 18:22-24

1. The things that count with God

a) How we keep His laws.
i) Expressed in His judgments.
ii) Expressed again in His statutes.
b) How we live.

2. David’s assessment of his regard for God’s laws

a) He had learned to have the highest regard for the Lord’s laws.
b) He read and studied them.
c) He did not set aside God’s laws.

3. David’s further assessment of his life

a) He sought to be “blameless” (not sinless perfection though).
b) He worked hard at keeping himself from iniquity.
c) He made sure that he had clean hands before the Lord.


God rewarded David according to his personal righteousness. His prayers were heard and answered. He was gloriously delivered from his enemies time and time again. God’s special protection of his life was reward enough! It was proof of God’s blessing on “personal righteousness” (integrity).