Daily Devotions


Day 86

"The LORD is righteous..."

Day 86 – Psalm 11

“The LORD is righteous…” Psalm 11:7a


There are many features in the Psalms that we need to note and appreciate. The following feature may be described as a rapturous adoration of the Lord!

“For the LORD is righteous,
He loves righteousness;
His countenance beholds the upright.”
Psalm 11:7

1. What is a rapturous adoration of the Lord?

a) The soul is caught up with the Person of the Lord.
b) The soul is filled with a special sense of awe .
c) There is rapturous joy felt.
d) There is an outburst of praise to the Lord for who He is.

2. Three features highlighted:-

a) “The LORD is righteous”
i) The soul is enraptured by the purity of the righteousness that is found in the Lord.
ii) The soul is glad to have a relationship of faith in this righteous Lord.
iii) Trust in the righteous character of the Lord should bring untold joy to the soul.
b) “He loves righteousness”
i) This next thought follows naturally from the first idea.
ii) God being righteous cannot but naturally love righteousness.
iii) God delights in things that are righteous.
c) “His countenance beholds the upright”
i) The word “upright” is a synonym of “righteousness”.
ii) The soul is deeply stirred at the thought of the Lord’s happy countenance towards the upright.


This rapturous declaration of trust in the Lord is the final answer to the words of David’s friends! Panic and despair are incompatible with a full trust in the Lord! And when there is full trust there is every reason to also find rapturous joy in one’s relationship with the LORD!