Daily Devotions


Day 87

"On an eight-stringed harp"

Day 87 – Psalm 12

“On an eight-stringed harp” Psalm 12


We note once again the superscription attached to Psalm 12.

“To the Chief Musician.
On an eight-stringed harp.
A Psalm of David.”

The same inscription was attached to Psalm 6. This psalm was to be sung to the accompaniment of an eight-stringed harp. (How it is to be sung, we do not know).


Elisha the prophet employed music to help him in his ministry.

“‘But now bring me a musician.’
Then it happened, when the musician played,
that the hand of the LORD came upon him.”
2 Kings 3:15

1. Elisha’s help was sought by a coalition of three kings.

2. These three kings were:

a) King Jehoram of Israel (son of King Ahab) 2 Kings 3:1
b) King Jehoshaphat of Judah 2 Kings 3:7
c) King of Edom (the king is unnamed) 2 Kings 3;9

3. Their mission

a) Punitive expedition against Moab.
b) Moab wanted to break away from having to pay tribute to Israel.
c) It rebelled after the death of King Ahab (2 Kings 3:4-5).

4. A problem surfaced

a) There was an inadequate supply of water.
b) The mission of the three kings seemed to be doomed.

5. In this context Elisha the prophet’s counsel was solicited

Elisha certainly needed to carefully discern the will of God. Music was employed and that enabled him to be still enough to sense the Lord’s leading.