Daily Devotions


Day 28

Psalm 92:5a "O LORD, how great are Your works!"

Day 28 – Psalm 92

“O LORD, how great are Your works!” Psalm 92:5a


What else should we do on the Sabbath day? We are greatly challenged to improve our use of the Sabbath day when we read the following text.

“O LORD, how great are Your works!
Your thoughts are very deep.”
Psalm 92:5

1. “How great are Your works”

a) Let us list some works of God! (Three may be highlighted)
i) The sustaining of the world (Psalm 104).
ii) The hearing and answering of prayers.
iii) The redemption of fallen mankind.
b) Let us stand in awe of these great works of God.
i) The world we live in is most complex.
ii) Millions of prayers ascend to God every day and He takes time to answer them.
iii) The work of redemption was completed by Christ, however the work of sanctification continues every day!

2. “Your thoughts are very deep”

a) Behind every work of God are deep thoughts.
b) The depth of God’s thoughts are best illustrated in the prophetic texts.
i) Prophecies reflect the deep thoughts of God.
ii) Prophecies are more than just predictions of the future.
iii) Prophecies require God’s commitment to fulfill them.
iv) God’s power is involved.
v) The element of time must be carefully factored in.
c) It is good to set aside time on the Sabbath day to ponder the deep thoughts of God!