Daily Devotions


Day 179

"The whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs..."

Text: Romans 8:22


One would imagine that the phrase “earnest expectation” would already be a very powerful way of describing the sense of anticipation felt- of being set free from the bondage of corruption into full and complete liberty! But apparently not, for Paul went on to use an even more striking imagery.

“For we know that the whole creation groans and labours
with birth pangs until now.”
Romans 8:22

1. Imagery drawn from a woman in labour

a) A very powerful imagery indeed.
i) Few things are as poignant as a woman in labour for her baby.
ii) This imagery was carefully chosen with deep purpose.
b) Selective use of words
i) Groans
ii) Labours
iii) Birth pangs

These words would strike a chord with those who understand the tremendous sense of both pain and expectations of a woman in labour.

2. The whole creation

a) All believers are included in the above description.
b) But more than believers are included in this description.
c) Paul postulates that all creation yearn for a complete makeover from God.
i) This is part of the apocalyptic hope of all believers.
ii) Christian apocalyptic hope includes the idea of God creating a new heaven and a new earth

Paul’s eschatology was intact! There should be this tremendous sense of earnest expectation of a new heaven and earth!