Daily Devotions


Day 144

"The law is holy, and the commandment holy..."

Text: Romans 7:12


The Apostle Paul knew how easily his teachings could have been misunderstood, especially with reference to the commandments of God. Hence he made an important statement concerning his view of the commandments of the Lord.

“Therefore the law is holy,
and the commandment holy and just and good.”
Romans 7:12

1. A great many testimonies concerning the commandments of God

Paul was most aware of the fact that many Biblical writers held an exalted view of the Scriptures.

a) Moses had the highest regard of the commandments of God.
i) He was given the Decalogue (Cf. Exodus 20).
ii) He wrote extensively concerning the commandments of God (Cf. Deuteronomy).
b) King David wrote glowingly of the commandments of God (Psalm 19:7-11).
c) Psalm 119 was especially composed to exalt the law of God.

2. Paul’s view of the Scriptures

a) A seemingly different view of the Scriptures.
i) At first reading
ii) Superficial or careless reading

The reader who reads Paul’s statements without much thought may think that he was anti-law!

b) In full agreement with other Biblical writers

Paul had no qualms about confessing his personal faith in the Scriptures (however, his high view of the law does not negate what he had written about the law).

i) That the law is holy.
ii) That the commandment is holy.
iii) That the commandments of God are also “just and good”.