Daily Devotions


Day 145

"Has then what is good become death...?"

Text: Romans 7:13


The apostle Paul was determined to grapple with difficult and complex issues, no matter how hard the topic may be.

“Has then what is good become death to me?
Certainly not! But sin, that it might appear sin,
was producing death in me through what is good,
so that sin through the commandment might become
exceedingly sinful.”
Romans 7:13

1. Reiteration that the law is indeed good

a) Twice Paul affirms his personal belief that the law is indeed “good”.
b) At no time has Paul ever hinted that the law is bad!

2. Death in me

a) Nevertheless Paul found himself slain by sin.
b) Sin kept taking advantage of the law and slew him.

3. Another hideous aspect of sin revealed

a) Sin was the guilty party.
b) It was sin who brought about death.
c) Sin worked through the commandment of God to slay the individual.
d) The nature of sin is well-revealed.
i) Sin can even make use of the good and holy laws of God.
ii) Sin will produce death even to the most well-intentioned person (Paul).
iii) Sin is “exceedingly sinful”.


There is essentially no contradiction at all! The law, in its essence, is upheld by the apostle Paul as “holy, just and good”. However, man continues to deal with the problem of sin, even if he has great knowledge of the commandments of God! Only a proper understanding of the doctrine of sin would free us from the grasp of sin.