Daily Devotions


Day 143

"Sin... deceived me, and by it killed me"

Text: Romans 7:11


It is very difficult to imagine the power of sin! It is just as hard to imagine how the apostle Paul could speak about sin deceiving him and slaying him. Let us solemnly ponder the following text.

“And the commandment, which was to bring life,
I found, to bring death.
For sin, taking occasion by the commandment,
deceived me, and it killed me.”
Romans 7:10-11

1. The commandment which was to bring life

a) Paul did not lay blame on God at any time.
b) Neither did he place any blame on the commandments of God.
c) The nature of God’s word was to bring blessing and quality to life.

2. I found, to bring death

a) However, Paul found to his dismay that the commandments of God did not bring life.
b) Instead of life, Paul found that the commandments of God brought death.
c) What did he mean?
i) Man is unable to keep the commandments of God.
ii) The commandments of God had a negative aspect.
iii) It is capable of blessing and also capable of cursing.
iv) The individual who fails to keep the law is judged for his sin.
v) The commandment of God will bring about judgment upon the sinner.

3. Deceive me and it killed me

a) Sin deceived Paul into thinking he could easily keep God’s commandments

(Trained as a Pharisee, Paul saw himself as one who was capable of keeping the whole law).

b) In reality, Paul had to confess that sin deceived and slew him!