Daily Devotions


Day 142

"Sin revived and I died."

Text: Romans 7:9


The Apostle Paul did not spare himself as he wrote about the doctrine of sin (Theological terminology- hamartiology). Here is another aspect.

“I was alive once without the law,
but when the commandment came, sin
revived and I died,”
Romans 7:9

1. I was alive once

a) The word “alive” is relative.
b) Paul could, in some senses, say that he was “alive” outside full knowledge of the law.

2. Without the law

a) There was a time when Paul did not fully know the law,
b) This period of time could be when he was much younger,
c) The lack of knowledge of the law allowed him to feel that he was “alive”.

3. When the commandment came

a) But the more he studied the law the more he understood the nature of sin.
b) The law enlightened him concerning the deadly nature of sin.
c) However the law was powerless, for it did not enable him to find the answer to the problem of sin.

4. Sin revived and I died

a) Paul did not realize that sin was lying dormant all this while.
b) When he studied the commandments of God he found himself involved in a deadly struggle with sin.
c) Sin seemed to have revived with greater power.
d) Paul found himself defeated by sin.
e) Sin was quite capable of slaying a person. Paul testified of how sin slew him!