Daily Devotions


Day 141

"But sin, taking opportunity by the commandment..."

Text: Romans 7:8


Sin is far deadlier than we imagine! The following text underscores this awesome truth.

“But sin, taking opportunity by the commandment,
produced in me all manner of evil desire.
For apart from the law sin was dead.”
Romans 7:8

Let us ponder the deadly power of sin! The following observations may be made:-

1. Personal experience

In this text, Paul drew from painful personal experience.

a) Astute observation was part of his theological skill.
b) Personal experience made up another large part.
c) Hence writing on the subject of sin was no theoretical exercise.

2. Sin will take advantage of the commandments of God

a) Contrary to popular belief, sin is not afraid of the commandment of God.
b) Sin will subtly take advantage of our reading of God’s word and deceive us.
c) Sin will actually produce all manner of evil desire.


The nature of sin is something all of us have personally experienced!

1. When the Law forbids something (negative aspect)

a) We will tend to test the law.
b) We will attempt to bend the law.
c) We will use legalism to get around the law.

2. When the law encourages (positive aspect)

a) We sin in becoming foolishly proud of ourselves.
b) We sin when we deny the honour and glory that belongs to God.