Daily Devotions


Day 65

"Where is boasting then?"

Text: Romans 3:27


Paul waxed strongly as he described God’s glorious and profound plan of salvation! Then he paused for a moment to make a candid assessment and application of this doctrine of redemption.

“Where is boasting then? It is excluded.
By what law? Of works?
No, but by the law of faith.”
Romans 3:27

1. Where is boasting then?

a) This was an obvious reference to those who took pride in the following things:-
i) In their knowledge of God
ii) In their religious heritage
iii) In their relatively higher moral values
b) Paul’s assessment and conclusion

Boasting is absolutely excluded! Man has nothing to boast about, no matter how “good” he may appear to be!

2. By what law?

Paul postulates the existence of two laws!

a) The law of works
i) Hypothesis of the law of works

Man may be saved if he were able to keep all of God’s laws perfectly!

ii) Even if man can keep all of God’s laws, he would not merit salvation.

The keeping of all God’s laws would be something he was obliged to keep.

b) The law of faith
i) This is a “new” theological term Paul introduced.
ii) He equates “faith” to a law of God, with all its incumbent authority.
iii) A person is redeemed, not by the law of works, but by the law of faith!

Paul’s assessment and application is both astute and consistent!