Daily Devotions


Day 64

"That He might be Just and the Justifier..."

Text: Romans 3:26


Paul postulates that God’s plan of redemption wonderfully demonstrates His righteousness. But that is not all! He adds,

“To demonstrate at the present time His righteousness,
that He might be just and the justifier of the one
who has faith in Jesus.”
Romans 3:26

1. To demonstrate at the present time His righteousness

a) God’s righteousness is the yardstick by which He judges mankind.
i) Consequently man will be found guilty (Cf. Romans 1-3).
ii) Man has fallen short of God’s standard of righteousness (Romans 3:23).
b) God’s righteousness was also employed when He judged Jesus for the sins of mankind.
i) Jesus was wounded for our transgressions (Cf. Isaiah 53:5)
ii) He was bruised for our iniquities (Cf. Isaiah 53:5)
iii) He was willing to be our offering for sin (Cf. Isaiah 53:10)

2. The Just and the Justifier

a) God the Just

God cannot be anything less than Just! He cannot but uphold the laws He has given to man!

i) If man sinned, he must be punished for his sins.
ii) If Someone is willing to take the punishment for the sinner, then He must continue to be Just and accept the atonement offered.
b) God the Justifier

God being righteous will be true to Himself!

i) He planned redemption through the atonement offered by Jesus the Righteous.
ii) He will be the Justifier of the one who has faith in the Redeemer.

What a truly profound plan of redemption we have in Christ!