Daily Devotions


Day 66

"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith..."

Text: Romans 3:28


Paul had argued strongly and forcefully. He was now ready to come to a conclusion.

“Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith
apart from the deeds of the law.”
Romans 3:28

Let’s do a summary of the arguments Paul put forward, in order to appreciate his conclusion.

1. Justified by faith

a) This was a truth that may be traced all the way back to the Book of Habakkuk (Cf. Habakkuk 2:4).
b) The Law and the Prophets teach this vital truth (Romans 3:21).
c) Justification is given freely through faith in the redemption in Christ (Romans 3:22).
d) Justification is offered through the grace of God (Romans 3:24).
e) God is the Person who can forbear and forgive sins (Romans 3:25)
f) God has the prerogative to be the Justifier of those who trust in Jesus (Romans 3:26)

2. The deeds of the Law

a) It is obvious that it is impossible to keep all the laws of God perfectly.
b) It is impossible not to sin in life.
c) All have sinned (Romans 3:9-18).
d) All are guilty before God (Romans 3:19).
e) The keeping of the law in itself does not deal with the problem of guilt before God.


Paul’s conclusion must be celebrated!

1. It brings great glory to God and His matchless grace!

2. It brings great hope to all who turn to God for salvation in Christ Jesus!