Daily Devotions


Day 365

For obedience to the faith"

Text: Romans 16:26


Few things illustrate and evidence of God’s sovereignty as the doctrine of “the commandments of God”. Let us ponder the following text humbly.

“According to the commandment of the everlasting God,
for obedience to the faith.”
Romans 16:26b

1. The everlasting God

a) His sovereignty is established in the very concept of being “the everlasting God”.
b) This sovereignty is well-demonstrated in the concept of giving commandments.
i) His commandments possess divine power and authority.
ii) His commandments are contained in the Scriptures.
iii) They are also written in the hearts of mankind.

2. According to..

This phrase was used by the apostle Paul strongly in his doxology!

a) According to the Gospel
b) According to the revelation
c) According to the commandment of the everlasting God

The significance of emphasizing this phrase was to underscore the sovereignty of God! All things are to be done according to God’s commandment!

3. For obedience to the faith

The subject of “obedience to the faith” is a theme that runs through the Old Testament in particular:-

a) Israel was instructed and encouraged to practise obedience to the Lord and His commandments.
b) The history of ancient Israel is one singularly marked by disobedience.
c) The challenge in the New Testament era is to learn what it means to practise obedience to the faith. True faith in the Lord Jesus Christ must cause a genuine believer to desire to walk in full obedience to the everlasting God.