Daily Devotions


Day 39

"In the multitude of Your mercy..."

Day 39 – Psalm 5

“In the multitude of Your mercy…” Psalm 5:7


The Psalms offers us deep and refreshing insights as to how we ought to worship God! The following text is one such insight,

“But as for me, I will come into Your house
In the multitude of Your mercy; In fear of You

I will worship toward Your holy temple. Lead me, O LORD,
in Your righteousness because of my enemies.
Make Your way straight before My face.”
Psalm 5:7-8

1. Worship of God “in fear”

a) There should be holy reverence.
b) There should be the highest regard of the Lord in worship at all times.
c) David was most conscious that he would need to enter into God’s House only in “the multitude of His mercy” (Psalm 5:7).

2. God’s House… Holy Temple (Psalm 5:7)

a) There ought to be respect – even for the physical expression of God’s House.
b) In David’s time… The tabernacle that sheltered the Ark of the Covenant represented the House of God (2 Samuel 6 where David brings the Ark to reside in Jerusalem).
c) Jerusalem (Zion) represented the larger domain.
d) Zion in turn represented the heavenly abode of God (Psalm 2:4).

3. Worship involves a comprehension of two worlds

a) Worship transports us into the spiritual world.
i) Reverence for God must be practiced.
ii) The mercy of God must cover all worshippers.
b) Worship must remind us that we live in a hostile human world.
i) God’s protection would be needed (implicit).
ii) God’s leading must be sought (explicit).
iii) We must ask that God would make His way straight before us.