Daily Devotions


Day 37

"My voice You shall in the morning, O LORD..."

Day 37 – Psalm 5

“My voice You shall in the morning, O LORD…” Psalm 5:3


Some of the psalms have affectionate names given to them. Psalm 4 is sometimes known as “The Evening Psalm”. The name lends itself from Psalm 4:4 where the psalmist wrote about how he would meditate on his bed. Psalm 5 is commonly called “The Morning Psalm”. The following text suggests the reason for this affectionate title given.

“My voice you shall hear in the morning, O LORD;
In the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up.”
Psalm 5:3

1. Reference to the “morning”

Is there some significance attached to morning prayers? The idea of praying in the morning may well be linked up to the title David employed… “my King”.

2. Petitions made to the king (human court)

David was king of Israel. He held court as king. In his court he would hear petitions made by his subjects. It would be most natural for his subjects to present their petitions along the following lines:-

a) These petitions would be carefully thought out.
b) They would be presented early “in the morning”.
c) These two features would reflect at least five things.
i) Earnestness
ii) Sincerity
iii) Urgency
iv) Great respect for the throne of David
v) Happy expectation that justice would prevail

3. Petitions to the King (Heavenly Court)

a) If careful attention is paid to a human court, all the more, great attention must be paid to the Divine heavenly court where God sits as King.
b) David applied what he had experienced as king when people petitioned him.
c) He would not be found wanting as far as his prayers (petitions) were concerned.
d) He would show due regard to the LORD, his God and his King by getting up early to present his petitions (prayers).