Daily Devotions


Day 34

"Who will show us any good?"

Day 34 – Psalm 4

“Who will show us any good?” Psalm 4:6


This struggle is by no means easy. The toll is heavy on the mind and on the emotions. Those who are not strong will find themselves struggling with doubts and perhaps even despair.

“There are many who say, ‘Who will show us any good?’
LORD, lift up the light of Your countenance upon us.”
Psalm 4:6

1. “There are many who say”

a) David was probably one of the few who fought resolutely against evil.
b) “Many” found the going very hard.
c) They were in danger of folding up.

2. “Who will show us any good?”

a) This was a plaintive cry of “many”.
b) This was a sad cry expressing:-
i) Grave doubts
ii) Virtual despair
iii) Hopelessness

3. “LORD”

a) Turning to the LORD should be the most natural thing to do.
b) Crying out to God should be what the godly do best in.

4. “Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us”

a) These words may be traced to the benediction (blessing) the Aaronic priests pronounced on Israel (Numbers 6:22-27)
b) The answer to doubt and despair is to be found in exercising trust that God has indeed set apart those who are godly for Himself! He will lift up His countenance (symbolizing His favour) on those who call out to Him in faith!