Daily Devotions


Day 238

Psalm 31:10 "My life is spent with grief..."

Day 238 – Psalm 31

“My life is spent with grief…” Psalm 31:10


David desperately needed to bring to the Lord all that he felt. The following text would indicate that he was battling with very depressive feelings.

“For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing;
My strength fails because of my iniquity,
And my bones waste away.”
Psalm 31:10

1. “For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing”

a) David’s distress was so real and intense he could not recall happier times.
b) It seemed as if his whole life had known only grief.
c) His sighing seemed to have been so prolonged that this period was described as “years”.

2. “My strength fails”

a) He must have tried to be brave but he knew the limits of his strength.
b) He noted that whatever strength he had was ebbing.
c) His strength had not been able to lift him out of this mode of sighing.

3. “Because of my iniquity”

a) The problem of traps laid by enemies was already stated (Psalm 31:4).
b) Now there was an admission of iniquity.
i) We are not informed as to what this iniquity was.
ii) However this “iniquity” added to the weight he felt on his heart and mind.
iii) Whatever the case, he knew he was not blameless.

4. “And my bones waste away”

This was David’s special way of expressing a great sense of weariness threatening to overwhelm him. It seemed as if his very bones were fading away!