Daily Devotions


Day 237

Psalm 31:9a "Have mercy on me, O LORD..."

Day 237 – Psalm 31

“Have mercy on me, O LORD…” Psalm 31:9a


Reflecting on the mercy of the Lord in the past gave great impetus to David to plead for His mercy in his present set of circumstances.

“Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am in trouble;
My eye wastes away with grief,
Yes, my soul and my body!
Psalm 31:9

1. “Have mercy on me, O LORD”

a) Once again a plea for mercy was brought to God in prayer.
b) It was a prayer that was offered to God as his “LORD”.
c) This was certainly not the first time David had come to the Lord in this manner.

2. “For I am in trouble”

a) There was unashamed admission of “trouble”.
b) David trusted that God would not disdain this new plea for mercy.

3. “My eye wastes away with grief”

a) David poured out his soul to the Lord in this prayer.
b) He spoke openly about how he had wept over his trouble.
c) There had been much grief and many tears had been shed.
d) It seemed as if his eyes had wasted away because of the copious tears shed.

4. “Yes, my soul and body”

a) More than his eyes had been affected.
b) His soul… the deepest part of his being had been deeply grieved.
c) His body – must have been worn out because of the deep sorrow experienced.

Only a great God with plenteous mercy would understand how he had felt. Only one who is LORD would be able to come to his rescue and deliver him!