Daily Devotions


Day 233

Psalm 31:4b "You are my strength..."

Day 233 – Psalm 31

“You are my strength…” Psalm 31:4b


Prayer is such a special privilege. One may pour out one’s heart to God, spelling out the things that trouble the heart.

“Pull me out of the net which they have secretly laid up for me,
For You are my strength.”
Psalm 31:4

1. Discovery of wicked plots

a) David’s role as king had its own special set of problems.
b) As king he must have his own “intelligence units” set up:-
i) For national security.
ii) For personal safety.
c) From time to time there would be the discovery of dangerous plots:-
i) That could endanger national security.
ii) That could endanger personal safety.

2. Dealing with the problem at hand

a) “Pull me out of the net”
i) This suggests that David had in fact fallen into the secret net laid by his enemies.
ii) Animals or birds caught in traps cannot get out by themselves.
iii) Similarly David cried out to God to rescue and deliver him.
b) “You are my strength”
i) Though entrapped David had not lost his faith.
ii) He still kept up with strength of faith in the Lord.
iii) The prayer offered to God resonated with strength of hope.