Daily Devotions


Day 24

"I will not be afraid..."

Day 24 – Psalm 3

“I will not be afraid…” Psalm 3:6


David found himself having a renewed confidence in God! Yes, the problems of the state were not yet resolved, but there was now no sense of fear in his heart!

“I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people
who have set themselves against me all around.”
Psalm 3:6

1. A significant change: “I will not be afraid”

a) Fear of the enemy

David felt fear as he contemplated his situation in life. Many enemies had arisen against him (Psalm 3:1).

b) Faith in God was exercised

Faith in God is wonderfully expressed in prayer! David turned to the Lord in prayer in his hour of great need!

c) Fears dismissed

Whatever fears there may have been lurking in his heart and mind were now dismissed.

2. Note about the number of enemies

a) How many enemies had risen up against David?
b) The number “ten thousands of people” may indicate just how many had taken part in Absalom’s insurrection.
c) These enemies had surrounded David.
i) They may have felt that they had the upper hand.
ii) They may have felt that David would now surely be defeated.
iii) They may have felt confident because they had an army that was superior in numbers.


David was right not to fear the number of enemies that had arisen against him. All he needed was the Lord’s Presence and Power. That would be more than sufficient to face his tens of thousands of enemies. What a wonderful illustration of how faith in God can help us find renewed confidence to tackle the problems of life!