Daily Devotions


Day 195

Psalm 25:21b "I wait for You..."

Day 195 – Psalm 25

“I wait for You…” Psalm 25:21b


No matter how desperate our circumstances may appear to be in our life, we cannot “hurry God”! What should we do when God does not answer our prayers with the immediacy that we hope to see? Let us ponder the following text humbly.

“Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
For I wait for You.
Redeem Israel, O God, out of all their troubles!”
Psalm 25:21-22

1. Personal distress

This has already been very well expressed throughout the Psalm.

2. National distress

a) This is not hinted at.
b) There is a close link between the king and the nation.
c) If the king is in distress, the nation would also be in trouble!

3. The practice of “waiting on the Lord”

a) This is a spiritual discipline that must be learned.
b) It is a vital part of relating to God.
c) Waiting on the Lord has deep significance. The following may be highlighted:-
i) It expresses trust.
ii) It exercises the heart and mind to cultivate the virtue of patience.
iii) It challenges the soul to learn steadfastness of faith and hope.

4. “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me”

a) David must not make allowance for rash action.
b) He must fall back on the lessons God had taught him.
c) He must ever hold fast to his integrity and uprightness while waiting on the Lord to deliver him and the nation out of all their troubles!