Daily Devotions


Day 158

Psalm 21:6a "For You have made him most blessed forever"

Day 158 – Psalm 21

“For You have made him most blessed forever” Psalm 21:6a


David had an outpouring of blessing from the Lord. We cannot but stand in awe at the description of blessing that was poured out on David!

“His glory is great in Your salvation;
Honour and majesty You have placed upon him;
For You have made him most blessed forever;
You have made him exceedingly glad with Your presence.”
Psalm 21:5-6

1. An enumeration of God’s blessings

a) Salvation (deliverance)
b) Glory of God is to be seen in God’s deliverance
i) From enemies
ii) From defeat
iii) From death
c) Honour
d) Majesty

2. What did David think about these blessings?

a) He felt that he was “most blessed forever”.
b) He did not take any of these blessings for granted as if he deserved any of them.

3. What blessing did David treasure most of all?

a) He considered the blessing of God’s Presence his greatest blessing.
i) He appreciated the honour and majesty God conferred on him.
ii) However no physical blessing could compare with the blessing of God’s Presence.
b) God’s Presence brought the greatest sense of joy to his heart!