Daily Devotions


Day 7

"You are My Son..." Psalm 2:7

Text: Psalm 2


We may speak of “different types” of Psalms. Psalm 1 is quite different from Psalm 2. We may see them as belonging to two different categories.

1. Wisdom Psalms

a) These psalms have a strong instructive content.
b) Psalm 1 is a good example of “Wisdom Psalms”.
c) This psalm reflects wisdom gleaned from observations of life.

2. Messianic Psalms

a) These psalms are called “Messianic” for good reason.
b) Psalm 2 is a clear example of “Messianic Psalms”.
c) Messianic Psalms contain special prophetic features.
d) These features give us glimpses of the Messiah (“The Anointed One of God”).
e) These prophetic utterances make sense only when they are applied to Jesus the Messiah.
f) It must however be noted that no single Messianic Psalm would tell us all that we wish to know about the Messiah.

3. Royal Psalms

a) All psalms that hint at, or directly mention “royalty” (e.g. “My King”
Psalm 2:6) may also be classified as a Royal Psalm
b) We thus have two “access points” as we look at this Library (Book) of Psalms
c) Psalm 2 may be studied as a Royal and also a Messianic psalm
d) There is no conflict when we read Psalm 2 with these thoughts in mind


Let us stand amazed at the prophetic element that is found in some of the Psalms. Let us determine to read the Book of Psalms with a great sense of awe and wonder.