Daily Devotions


Day 140

"Let the God of my salvation be exalted"

Day 140 – Psalm 18

“Let the God of my salvation be exalted” Psalm 18:46c


David concluded his long psalm on a very high note of personal thanksgiving.

1. Exalting God

a) As a great and living God (Psalm 18:46)
b) As a God who avenges and subdues enemies (Psalm 18:47)
c) As a God who delivers from enemies (Psalm 18:48)
i) From enemies who rise up against the king.
ii) From enemies who are violently inclined

2. Extolling God

a) In the giving of thanks
b) In the singing of praise
c) To all and sundry
i) To Israel (implied)
ii) To the Gentiles (stated)

3. Exciting Promise

a) God’s promise
i) The promise of mercy (2 Samuel 7:15).
ii) This mercy would never be taken away.
iii) This promise would not only be for David but for all his descendants.
b) The deliverance of God
i) As an expression of His mercy
ii) This would be particularly obvious to His anointed (Messianic undertone)