Daily Devotions


Day 130

"The LORD thundered from heaven..."

Day 130 – Psalm 18

“The LORD thundered from heaven…” Psalm 18:13a


David’s literary skill is clearly seen in his portrayal of God responding to his prayer (Psalm 18:7-15… this text may be described as a “theophany”).

1. A description of God’s response to the cries of His anointed

a) He is angry (Psalm 18:7c) that His anointed is victimized.
b) His anger is felt by the earth (Psalm 18:7).

2. A description (in human terminology) of how God would respond (action)

a) He would move heaven and earth to attend to the cries of His beloved children.
i) He bowed the heavens (Psalm 18:9a).
ii) He would leave the heavens to come to earth personally (Psalm 18:9b).
b) He will respond with great swiftness.
i) He rode upon a cherub and flew (Psalm 18:10a).
ii) He flew upon the wings of the wind (Psalm 18:10b).
c) He would come in all of His awesome glory.
i) In darkness (to express His anger) (Psalm 18:11).
ii) In brightness (to express His Being) (Psalm 18:12).
d) He would make Himself heard by all.
i) His voice would be like thunder (Psalm 18:13a).
ii) Hailstones and coals of fire would represent His power (Psalm 18:13b).
e) He would deal with the enemy in all His power.
i) He would scatter them (Psalm 18:14a).
ii) He would vanquish them (Psalm 18:14b-15).