Daily Devotions


Day 107

"As for the saints who are on the earth..."

Day 107 – Psalm 16

“As for the saints who are on the earth…” Psalm 16:3a


David’s theological insights are certainly “golden”. His understanding of righteousness was simply declared (Psalm 16:2). This thought was later developed by the apostle Paul (especially in the book of Romans).

1. David’s thoughts about righteousness

a) He did understand and teach personal righteousness (Psalm 15).
b) He also hinted at knowledge of a righteousness that comes from God (Psalm 16:2).

2. Paul’s developed theology of “righteousness” (Romans 3-4)

a) This righteousness is imputed to the one who believes in the Son of God.
b) God declares the believer righteous in His sight.
c) This is the doctrine of “imputed righteousness”.
d) The righteousness of Christ is imputed to the humble and grateful believer.
e) Personal righteousness should ensue from this conversion of the heart through faith in Jesus.


David had another “golden” thought in the following text.

“As for the saints who are on the earth,
‘They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.'”
Psalm 16:3

1. “As for the saints who are on the earth”

a) The word “saints” simply means “holy ones”.
b) Those who have been declared righteous by God are indeed “saints” in God’s sight.
c) They did not have to be dead before they are conferred the title of “saints”.

2. The apostle Paul also used this word to describe believers in Christ (Romans 1:7; 1 Corinthians 1:2)

There is a wonderful sense of consistency of thought and terminology to be noted.