Daily Devotions


Day 72

"Why do you stand afar off, O LORD?"

Day 72 – Psalm 10

“Why do you stand afar off, O LORD?” Psalm 10:1a


Some of the psalms had superscriptions attached to them. These help us to identify the author. There are some psalms that were included in the Book of Psalms, but we are not able to determine authorship. Psalm 10 is one such example.


These psalms are accepted and included as part of our canonical Scriptures for good reasons. Five may be listed.

1. They were part of the Book of Psalms.

2. The Book of Psalms was ancient.

3. The passage of time had proven their worth.

4. Usage of these psalms further strengthened acceptance.

5. The content of the psalms do not contradict the content found in other psalms.


Psalm 10 opens on a painful note. The psalmists show how very human they are when they cry out to the Lord, expressing their struggles. One such struggle is expressed in the following text.

“Why do you stand afar off, O LORD?
Why do you hide in time of trouble?”
Psalm 10:1

1. Understanding these questions

a) These questions are not meant to be read as accusations!
b) They are painful statements that express the confusion of heart and mind felt.

2. Human expectations

a) These questions express human expectations.
b) The author expected God:-
i) Not to hide Himself
ii) But to act… and swiftly (against the wicked).

The psalmist is nonplused at what he interprets as God standing afar off!