Daily Devotions


Day 1

"Blessed is the man"

Text: Psalm 1:1a


It is not difficult to understand why the author chose the theme of “Blessing” as his focus when he wrote this Psalm. Let us ponder some of these reasons. Five may be considered.

1. Remembering a fundamental Biblical concept

God made mankind with a special blessing. Without His blessing, mankind would not have survived and thrived.

“And God blessed them, saying,
‘Be fruitful and multiply…'”
Genesis 1:22

2. Recalling with terror the opposite concept- “curses”

Man has not always appreciated the blessings of God. In his rebellion Man earned the curse of God!

“Cursed is the ground for your sake;
In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life.”
Genesis 3:17d

3. Observing man’s wicked and vain attempts to obtain blessings

The authors of the Psalms were astute pupils who observed life most carefully. Many were the wicked who sought to have “a good life”. These resorted to all kinds of evil activities to ensure for themselves a good and prosperous life. However such efforts inevitably resulted in total failure!

4. Desiring the blessings of God

It is not wrong to desire the Lord’s blessings! To desire God’s blessings is most natural. Life can be so very hard and harsh! The blessings of God would enhance the quality and the significance of our existence on earth.

5. Understanding God as One who desires to bless His people

No thought about “blessing” may be considered without first appreciating that God is One who desires to bless His children.


It is right and fitting that we commence our study of the Book of Psalms with this opening thought- “Blessed is the man…” (Psalm 1:1a).

1. It opens up the hope of being greatly blessed by God.

2. It challenges us to consider carefully what we must do on our part to obtain the blessings of God.