Daily Devotions


Day 7

"Turning away..."

Text: Galatians 1:6


Paul went straight to the reason why he took up pen and paper to write to the Galatians. He did not mince words as he wrote strenuously to the churches in Galatia.

I marvel that you are turning away so soon
from Him who called you in the grace of Christ,
to a different gospel.

Galatians 1:6

1. “I marvel”

a) This word was used to establish a sense of astonishment.
b) Paul did not expect this event at all.
c) The Galatians seemed to be shaken in their faith in the gospel given to them.
d) They were shifting positions.

2. “You are turning away so soon”

a) They had not completely turned away yet.
b) But they were certainly turning away so quickly.
c) The churches had hardly been in existence for a few years.
d) Yet they were already showing signs that they were turning away from the Lord.

3. “From Him who called you in the grace of Christ”

a) They were turning away from God the Father.
b) They were turning away from God who called them.
c) God had extended this call of abundant grace that was in Christ.
i) This was the gospel of grace.
ii) This was the gospel of deliverance from this present evil age.
iii) This was deliverance from the power of sin and Satan.
iv) This was possible only in and through the grace of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

4. “To a different gospel”

a) The Galatians were turning away from the true gospel.
b) They were now turning away to a different gospel.
c) There was only one Gospel… and this “other gospel” did not come from God.
d) Paul struggled to comprehend why anyone would turn to a different gospel!