Daily Devotions


Day 134

Psalm 105:31a "He spoke, and there came swarms of flies..."

Day 134 – Psalm 105

“He spoke, and there came swarms of flies…” Psalm 105:31a


There was no mistaking the power of God at work in Egypt. Moses and Aaron did not possess such powers in themselves. They were merely servants of a mighty God.

“He spoke, and there came swarms of flies,
And lice in all their territory.”
Psalm 105:31

1. Reversal of the order of the plagues

a) Lice was the third plague (Exodus 8:16-19).
b) The plague of flies was the fourth one (Exodus 8:20-32).

2. “He spoke”

a) The psalmist pointed out that this sign-miracle came from God personally.
b) He merely uttered a word and the land of Egypt was filled with swarms of flies.
c) Moses and Aaron merely gave a verbal word of warning to Pharaoh (Exodus 8:20-21).
d) They played no part in bringing out the swarms of flies!
e) The text in Exodus 8 did not fully describe how the swarms of flies came about. Psalm 105:31 explained simply “He spoke”.

3. “And lice in all their territory”

a) The phrase “He spoke” covered this sign-miracle as well.
b) In Exodus 8 we have a slightly different scenario described.
i) God told Moses to give instruction to Aaron.
ii) Aaron was to strike the dust of the land with Moses’ rod.
iii) The dust would then become lice.
c) There is no contradiction at all.
i) Moses and Aaron were the faithful servants of God obeying His commands carefully.
ii) However, the sign-miracles occurred only because God spoke and ordered both the flies and the lice to plague the land.