The Lord put forth His hand


The call to serve the Lord creates two opposite reactions,
The soul is elated by the honour but also has mixed emotions.
The fear of failing is very real for one is called a servant of the Lord,
To bring a deep calm to the soul we need the special touch of God.

The Lord can touch a leper and instantly make him whole,
He can touch blind eyes and they will see again, clear and bold.
God needs to touch the mouth of His servants to anoint them for ministry,
Without this special touch, the servant of God will be in fearful misery.

God greatly desires to touch the life of every servant of His,
He wants to empower them so that they may serve with bliss.
The Lord would personally anoint the lips of His servants true,
They will find the right words to say, right out of the blue!

God will never send out servants without first touching their life,
He knows that they will face in ministry much conflict and strife.
Wise is that servant who will seek, the touch of the Lord, in prayer,
He must persists till He puts forth His hand to touch him there.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 1:9