The Word of the LORD


How vital is the word of the Lord to our life and ministry!
Yet so few truly comprehend the Word of God in reality.
We read to comfort the heart but that does not last long,
The Word of God was designed to make us truly strong.

Without the Word of God we would have nothing much to say,
Human wisdom cannot stop sin’s work that results in decay!
Our hearts must recognize afresh the need to know the word of God,
There must be a desire to keep the precious truths given by the Lord.

Wise servants know they need to be skilled in handling the Word of God,
They train themselves to listen to the leading of the Spirit of the Lord.
Time and again the Lord will give a word that is relevant for the day,
The faithful servant determines that he would always seek God along the way.

There is no power in the words of human flesh – that is plain to see,
Our hearts must determine to meditate on God’s word prayerfully.
The Word of God will minister to our hearts and give us needed power,
Then will we be able to serve the Lord mightily in life’s fateful hour.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 1: 2, 4, 11