I Am With You


God knows all about the fears we have deep within,
He whispers, “I am with you through thick and thin.”
Problems, difficulties, heartaches… they will never cease,
We must learn to hold fast to the Lord’s precious promise.

“I am with you” was what God promised Moses at the start,
For forty years God proved that He had a faithful heart!
There was nothing that could not be overcome at last,
We fear needlessly, for God’s will surely comes to pass.

“I am with you” is a word that God gives to all who serve Him,
He will be there to strengthen the heart from deep within.
And when things seem impossible God will bring deliverance,
He will enable us to continue to serve with mighty assurance.

All we need in life and ministry is this word, “I am with you,”
Armed with faith in God, our decision to serve, we will never rue.
Through the ages this great truth still quickens the heart and soul,
God’s presence will enable us to be conquerors, strong and bold.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 1:8