If you return to Me


An offer to be a great servant of God is not to be refused,
Power and precious promises are given for ministry use.
The joy of being a spokesman for God brings a great thrill,
But ministry can cause misgivings; the heart must learn to be still.

Sorrow can envelope the heart and cause it to go astray,
The battles are relentless and frustration brings dismay.
The heart needs to return to God for renewal of faith and life,
Or it would be overwhelmed by many a conflict and strife.

God in gentle grace and love bids His servant to return to Him,
He alone can take away the sorrow and the grief hidden within.
He offers renewed hope and strength for the battles that lie ahead,
He can restore fully and make us a fortified bronze wall instead.

But we need to forsake our own foolish notion of service to God,
We must take away the vile and treasure the precious given by the Lord.
God can give us enlightened hearts and minds that can discern deeply,
Our part is to yield and consecrate our hearts and minds to God fully.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 15:19