The Sins that Plague


Subtle-sin problems plague many a life,
Before too long there is little else but strife.
Doubts and misgivings begin to assail,
The soul is lost and wickedness prevails.

The heart needs to return to the Lord in humility,
It must confess all transgressions and iniquity.
The cleansing of the Lord must be sought at all cost,
The soul is in danger of being hopelessly lost!

The Lord has to chasten in order, our souls, to refine,
His hand of mercy must be trusted for it is divine.
The soul that fully understands and humbly accepts,
Will learn afresh the depth of meaning in His precepts.

God does not delight in punishment for He is kind,
He must address sin or the sinner will pay Him no mind.
Wise is the person who deals firmly with his subtle sins,
He will emerge with a heart that is truly whole and clean.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 5:22