Blessed is the man


Blessed indeed is the man who trusts in God,
He will be mighty for his strength is in the Lord.
He shall be a tree that God Himself will plant,
He will never need to fear, he will never be in want.

But he must guard his heart from trusting in man,
The danger is real, for he will be outside God’s plan.
He will suffer woe when he forsakes the Lord,
He will find trouble for his life is in discord.

There are few who trust in God with heart and soul,
Many need to pray that the Lord would make them whole.
Only then can he look forward to a life of victory,
God will be his strength and He will be his sanctuary.

Blessed is the man who chooses to trust in the love of God,
No blessing will be withheld from the one who trusts in the Lord.
How we must lift up our eyes to behold His glorious throne,
There may be trials in life, but we will never walk alone!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 17:7-13