Before I Formed You


Doubts and fears often come thick and fast,
But they do not need to prevail, first and last!
To all our fears this word from God holds true,
Long before we were born, God said, “I knew you!”

Known before birth, sanctified from the start,
This is God’s way of encouraging our heart.
God has covered every aspect of our life,
We need not be afraid of tumult and strife.

Born to fulfil a Divine purpose is God’s great plan,
Our soul must bow in awe as we seek to understand.
Ordained to fulfil a plan that is mighty and great,
Why should we hold back, why should we hesitate?

A renewed faith in God is what we need to find,
We discover that all along the Lord had us in mind.
Let there be renewed strength and power from God,
So that we may serve Him faithfully as we ought!

Jeremiah 1:5