My Elect One


Few truly understood the relationship Jesus had with God,
Nobody could fathom just how close He was with the LORD.
He was with the Father at the very beginning of time,
He was in His Father’s bosom, covered with love sublime.

The Father loved the world though it was so rife with sin,
He would have to send His Son to make Man pure within.
The Messiah would ever be The Only Begotten, The Elect One,
The Father promised He would be with Him till all was done.

He would come into a world that was angry, hostile and rude,
He could not expect many to welcome His words, though they should.
There was only one comfort that Jesus could rely on when He was weary,
He had His Father’s Presence and His love which was to all a mystery.

The Father first declared His joy and pride in the Messiah in prophecy,
He would again declare that He was well-pleased with Him most openly.
There was no one like the Messiah, who would walk in perfect obedience,
He was sent humbly as a Servant and only the pure could see His radiance.

Inspiration: Isaiah 42:1